Mighty Spectrums Show – Enjoy!

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Jan 13, 2017:      ‘Get to know us’ – first show! 

Jan 20, 2017:      ‘Principle of Harmlessness’

Jan 27, 2017:      ‘Principle of Thought Responsibility’

Feb 3,  2017:       ‘Principle of The Spoken Word’

Feb 10, 2017:      ‘Principle of Action-Reaction’

Feb 17, 2017:      ‘Principle of Universal Assistance

Feb 24, 2017:      ‘Principle of Right Human Relationships’

March 3, 2017:    ‘Principle of Gratitude Attitude‘

March 10, 2017:  ‘Principle of Cause and Effect‘

March 17, 2017:   ‘Principle of Energies Which Rule Us‘

March 24, 2017:   ‘Principle of Natural Consequences’

March 31, 2017:   ‘Principle of Transition – to Soul Life

April 7, 2017:        ‘Principle of Preparation  – Christ’s Return‘



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