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This place is fantastic! My favorite wonder is Alan’s ABC Daily vitamins powder. Since early teens, I have had an issue with my eyelashes itching and falling out, always having spaces to try to hide. Sixty years later I find Alan’s vitamins and within two weeks I had healthy full eyelashes for the first time! But that’s not all…if it’s doing that to my eyelashes, I am excited about what’s going on inside of my body!

Check out his products on the website store:   Herbactive®

ESPECIALLY read his article on DMSO! So many I know suffer with chronic pain and don’t have to! I had developed a horrible knee pain that would wake me in the night, burning and could barely move it. My mom reminded me about DMSO and I decided to give it a try. OMG, it worked immediately and after a few uses it is completely gone! Read his article on this product and see the b’jillions of uses on which, inevitably, your issue is listed.

I also want to say I believe Alan Hopking and his wonderful works was prophesied into being for those of us who have been seeking natural and perfected supplementations and healing. It was promised by the Ageless Wisdom Teachers that there would come such perfection and, with much research, prayer, and patience, it has arrived.


Consultations with Alan Hopking
– Ask by email:
for general information:

Telephone:   +44 (0) 1425 839280  OR  Freephone UK 0500 909697

Be sure to check out his books, too, also teaching healing and happiness by the ways of Ageless Wisdom. (You can find his books easily by typing in ‘books’ in the store search box.)

Thank you, Alan, for all you do to raise the bar on humanity’s evolution and health!


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